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Mar 1, 2022

"Glorify God with emotionally captivating and uplifting original songs of praise by Margo Joy with her new album release, GLORIFY."

LOS ANGELES, CA, UNITED STATES, March 1, 2022 / -- After Margo Joy’s recent release of the beloved classic, “The Exodus Song, This Land Is Mine” with legendary singer/songwriter Pat Boone, Margo Joy has just announced her newest release, “Glorify.” Worship and Praise God, experiencing his unconditional love, through deeply emotional lyrics and melodies in this heartwarming and uplifting album that will leave you feeling joyous with the love, faith and peace that comes by knowing our Lord.

At this uncertain time in the world, we can connect to God’s love through song, feeling His comfort and peace within.” ~ Margo Joy

"GLORIFY" (sample album here:)

Track 1: “Ave Maria” : a gorgeous rendition of Franz Schubert’s classic with Margo’s heavenly operatic voice.

Track 2: “My God” : upbeat cheerful hit song praising the love of God.

Track 3: “Give While You Live” : inspirational ballad affirming the joy of giving.

Track 4: “Praise Our Lord” : upbeat gospel song thanking God for the breath of life.

Track 5: “Glorify Him” : light up the darkness by praising God’s love with this cheerful ballad.

Track 6: “Forgive Me” : an emotional release for painful burdens suffered by the hearts of humanity forgiven by God’s grace.

Track 7: “My Love Is Everywhere” : God’s loving message to his children in an uplifting inspirational song.

Track 8: “Our Creator” : we thank God for the breath of life with this glorious peaceful melody.

Track 9: “Never Walked Away” : emotional ballad about life’s roller coasters and our journey with God.

Track 10: “Always” : inspirational mid tempo song to remind us we are all one as God’s children, as we look forward to the coming of our Messiah.

Margo Joy is a cantor and a reverend with her own ministry. Among her many albums, in addition to “Glorify,” Margo Joy has released a series called Prayers of the Testaments®, God’s Words, which Pat Boone calls, “a divine message from God.” Her prayer series includes Shabbat, High Holy Days, Hanukkah, Passover, and cantorial chants, recorded in Hebrew and English.

Margo says, “My desire is to pass on to future generations that we are all God’s children by teaching Jews and Christians the Prayers of the Testaments®. I want to share with Christians about their Jewish roots by giving them the prayers that Jesus prayed throughout his lifetime. The prayers are very healing and at this uncertain time in the world, we can connect to God’s love and healing through His words, feeling God’s comfort and peace within.”

For children ages 0-6, Margo Joy has written a series of books, activities, music albums and videos for her character, Lucky Ladybug®. This series, Lessons From The Heart, is designed for children to learn moral values and lessons during their toddler and preschool years. Her book, “Be A Better You” is available in all stores, and her second book will be released in the spring of 2022.

Margo developed a useful app called Peaceful Sleep Journeys™ with over a hundred ASMR meditations and lullabies to help people calm their thoughts and relieve stress, anxiety and insomnia so they can drift into a deep relaxing sleep. Peaceful Sleep Journeys™ is available on iOS and google play stores.

Get to know Margo Joy through her music, words, books and messages. “Glorify” will leave your heart radiating with love and your soul uplifted with faith and prayer. Learn more through her record label, Ave Maria Records™.

Glorify is available in all music stores:
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Anghami, Apple Music:, MediaNet, Boomplay, Deezer:, Instagram/Facebook, YouTube Music:, iHeartRadio:, ClaroMusica,
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Ave Maria Records™

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