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For Your Listening Pleasure


For Your Listening Pleasure

Margo Joy _ Ave Maria Records

Singer / Songwriter/ Author

Enjoy the original sounds and melodies from the soothing voice of recording artist Margo Joy.  These albums are a combination of Pop, R&B, Cantorial, Gospel, Soul, Opera and Contemporary music.  Get lost in the transition of the mind to dream and envision the heartfelt words and messages from our Ave Maria artist.  



ASMR Healing Meditations & Lullabies

This Apple & Google Play store App is one of the most anticipated releases in the history of Ave Maria Records™. Peaceful Sleep Journeys™ offer ASMR Meditations & Lullabies, as well as music and sounds, to help you drift into a deep and peaceful sleep. Calming, healing, relaxing audio and video Meditations  and Lullabies, self produced and written by Margo Joy, will guide you to your place of peace. Ave Maria Records™ is proud to be associated with such a wonderful project.

Cantor Reverend _ Ave Maria Records

Cantor Rev Misha Joy has been chanting prayers her entire life. God’s words are the source of our creation. Her mission is to share God’s words with those who do not know them, to heal those who are in need, to spread God’s love and unite God’s children as one. Numerous volumes of the series will be released for the world to cherish, learn, heal and pray together. 

Cantorial Prayers and Gregorian Chants 

Prayers of the Testaments | Ave Maria Re

Special Series 

This special project is the reason for Ave Maria Records™ to come to life.

Prayers of the Testaments™ God's Words, a series of Hebrew and English Prayers, Produced and Recorded by Margo Joy ( Cantor Rev Misha Joy. )


Ave Maria Records™ presents the Prayers Our Messiah Prayed.

Hear samples at Ave Maria Records™ or all stores now...

Lucky Ladybug

Print Books, Audio Book Series with Interactive Songs, Picture Book, Ebook, Activity Books, Merchandise and more...

Learning is made fun and exciting through the unique characters, sounds and stories.

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