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Ave Maria Records



God's Words 

Learn the Prayers our Messiah Prayed

Uniting GOD's Children as ONE

Prayers of the Testaments 

A Series of Hebrew and English Prayers

 Produced & Recorded

by Cantor Rev Misha Joy 

Includes original melodies 

Cantor Rev Misha Joy


Gregorian Chants and Cantorial Prayers  

Cantor Rev Misha Joy has been chanting prayers her entire life.

God’s words are the source of our creation.

Her mission is to share God’s words

with those who do not know them,

to heal those who are in need,

to spread God’s love and unite God’s children as one.

This is only the first of many albums to be released

for the world to cherish, learn, heal and pray together. 

Cantor Reverend _ Ave Maria Records