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Margo Joy

"Once in a decade a female artist comes along that moves the world of music to a new level. Margo Joy is such an artist who will make music history. As a singer/songwriter and performer, she will touch your soul and do what music is supposed to do, uplift the human spirit."

Margo Joy _ Ave Maria Records
Margo Joy
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Margo Joy _ Ave Maria Records


      MARGO JOY is an accomplished Recording Artist, Singer Songwriter, Producer, Voice Artist, Actress, Creator, Author, Cantor and Reverend. Andrea Bocelli said, “Margo Joy is a melodic genius, ready to sing for the world.” 


     She has performed in numerous venues from the Heroes Ball in Washington DC, opening for Bret Michaels, to supporting her local sports teams like the Miami Dolphins, Florida Panthers, Florida Marlins, and Miami Heat.


     Don King requested she sing the National Anthem at the Middle Weight Boxing Championship at Madison Square Garden to an audience of 18,250 New Yorkers and a TV audience of millions.


     Margo’s talent spans many genres from performing operatic arias, to being the voice over in television commercials and her calming meditations app, Celestial Dreams.  Margo Joy is also author and creator of Lucky Ladybug® a children's series available in books, music, activity books and animation video.

      Ave Maria Records  was founded in 2020 by Margo Joy, as a home for her projects and mission,World United In Prayer  and her special series, Prayers of the Testaments®.  Legendary singer and filmstar, Pat Boone calls it "a divine message from God." In February 2022, Margo Joy joined Pat Boone in a special rendition of his masterpiece, "Exodus" from the 1960 film. 

     Margo uses her gift of song to awaken people’s hearts and share good moral values. Her dream is to unite the world in love, peace, and harmony through her music. 

The Beginning Inspirations

Andrea Bocelli and Margo Joy
Andrea Bocelli and Margo Joy
Cantor Misha Rev Joy | Don King

"You are ready to sing for the world."

- Andrea Bocelli, World Renowned Recording Artist

"The world will hear my songbird and she will be # 1 on the charts."

– Don King, World Renowned Promoter


"Remember her name, the world will hear her voice and she will be cherished for generations to come."

– Cantor Yehuda Shifman, World Renowned 9th generation Cantor, Tel Aviv, Israel


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Prayers of the Testaments _ Ave Maria Records

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Ave Maria by Franz Schubert | Recorded & Performed by Margo Joy @AveMariaRecords

Ave Maria by Franz Schubert | Recorded & Performed by Margo Joy @AveMariaRecords

Margo Joy - AVE MARIA by Franz Schubert Lyric Soprano | Concert & Recording Artist M Joy Productions Pexels **Please Subscribe and Receive Notifications of New Music** Ave Maria Gratia plena Maria, gratia plena Maria, gratia plena Ave ave dominus Dominus tecum In mulieribus Et benedictus Et benedictus Fructus ventris Ventris tui jésus Ave Maria Ave Maria Mater dei Ora ora pronobis Peccatoribus Ora ora pronobis Ora ora pronobis Peccatoribus Nunc et in hora mortis In hora mortis nostrae In hora mortis mortis mortis nostrae In hora mortis nostrae Ave Maria Website: Stores: Apple: Spotify: iTunes: Amazon: Napster: Deezer: iheart radio: Social Media: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: https://www.Twitter.MargoJoy444 Pinterest: LinkedIn: Artist Representation: Bill Porter Music Special thanks to Anna-Lisa Jakobsson-Zaffke 🎼🙏🏻 Donations: **Please Subscribe and Receive Notifications of New Music** #avemaria #margojoy #franzschubert #classicalmusic #gospel #mothermary #ourlady #singersongwriter #recordingartist #youtubemusic #youtube #newmusic #andreabocelli #sarahbrightman #ilvolo #operasinger #davidfoster #classicalsinger