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Counseling God's Children from the ❤️

Call anytime you need a dedicated and caring ear to listen to you, bring you guidance, support, encouragement, inspiration and advice to heal your soul.

Specializing in bereavement, grief, loss, love and relationships, marriages, friendships, career paths, health challenges, counseling in all circumstances life brings, acceptance, forgiveness and joy ...


Ave Maria Guidance and Support is here for you 24/7.

Ave Maria Client Success Feedback

Reverend Joy is one of my favorite people who I have ever crossed paths with. Her spirit is beautiful and her counseling sessions are amazing. You feel like you are talking to a long time friend with good intention who really cares about you. All I can say is she's exactly everything her name says she is. JOY!

-- David B.



Rev Joy is AMAZING!!! She had told me things that quite frankly, amazed she was in my head! Joy had told me specific things about my Grandfather, who had past on a few years ago, that only I had known about. Also, she was accurate with names of my family members that she didn't even know or had been told about. I was very happy with her guidance. I would HIGHLY recommend Joy's services to anyone and everyone who is interested in learning more about themselves or people around them. 

-- Dylan R.



I whole heartedly thank you for your most loving session of guidance and support. I am at peace in many areas and ways. Closure has come to much. Prayerfully one day I can be as attuned as you are. I speak abundant blessings and light upon and around you. May you never be in lack or in need. May you always prosper and be in whole health. May those whom you come in contact feel and see The Light radiate from off of you. You're such a precious blessing.

--Doug C.


I have great admiration and respect for Reverend Joy; she has an amazing gift, which she shares lovingly. Her guidance and advice is "right on". I have learned to be open and trusting of her faith, because she has proven to be accurate each and everytime. As an advisor, Rev Joy ranks at the top amongst the best of the best!!!

--Laura B. 



Rev Joy, I want to thank you for your wonderful advice. You have helped me tremendously and you were so right about my sister. I don't know if you remember, but she has been estranged from our family and I took your advise about contacting her. It turns out, that she really did want to reconnect. She has just been dealing with a lot and needed an outstretched hand. You are wonderful! My friends are anxiously awaiting their sessions with you. 

--Dana A. 

Hi Reverend Joy, This is Tami. I came to see you last Friday. You were highly recommended by a fellow employee and I can't begin to tell you just how much you've helped me. I came to you feeling very alone and scared due to some family issues. The first words to come out of your mouth hit the nail right on the head. I was so surprised and touched that I couldn't help but cry. You knew everything that I had been concerned about and really helped to give me some peace of mind. I am a spiritual person and have been on the spiritual path for about 5 yrs. now. I try to "give it to God", but sometimes when it is so close to you it's easier said than done. You are truely gifted. Thank you so very much for sharing your gift with the rest of us. It means so much. Peace and Love, 
--Tami B.

Her counseling abilities are off the charts. This is the first time I have spoken with someone who was so plugged in. I asked if a particular person was with me and she was able to validate what he died of, his sons...and then she said why is he showing me penguins and I had just looked at a picture of penguins wearing harley jackets on a facebook page...she then told me something and I corrected her and then he corrected me through her with very personal information that I understood but she didn't. It was amazing and she had a very clear connection. Thank you Reverend Joy it was a pleasure. 
-- Christine N.



You told me some insanely accurate things about my great grandmother that ended up being 100% true that I didn't even know. You even told me about who I already thought I was in my last past life. You are incredible, I can't wait for my next session with you.  Thank you.

--Lana J.



Thank you Rev Joy for the great insight into my changes that I am going through... it was very helpful!! 
--Jill V.

I had a great session with Rev Joy!  She has a great personality and a wonderful gift.
--Gloria Y.

Rev Joy left me almost speechless as she drew the name of a family member without any information from me. She has managed to remember the details of my situation from a recent call, which was helpful and impressive; it made me believe that she is truly invested in her clients, so much so that she remembers the smallest details. 
--Laura D.



Thank you for finding my lost item!  I was in tears searching high and low the entire day for something so sentimental given to me from my mother.  I decided to inquire and was told that it was in a pocket.  I am crying tears of joy!  It was in my handbag pocket!  Thank you for being spot on!  I am so grateful to you Reverend Joy!

--Lara K.

Reverend Joy is very loving, a pleasure to listen to and very compassionate. She will direct you in the right direction and tell you where your current thoughts are leading you in life and give you confidence to trust life. I highly recommend her. 
--Sandra T.

Very impressed! I received the crystal clear info I needed. 
--Lori M.


She was vey accurate about the situation. She has a kind voice and is very understanding. Give her a call, you will be pleased. 
--Hanna B.

I have had some really great sessions with Rev Joy. She is very quick and gives you so much information. I am just amazed everytime I talk to her. 
--Karen R.

Rev Joy is very supportive and loving. I highly recommend her as an advisor.  
-- Joanna I.

The best counseling advice that I have ever had. I was flabbergasted so much so that I kept interrupting to verify why she was correct. She didn't try to get you to lead her. She is 110% legit. 
--Samantha K.

Rev Joy picks up names, deep feelings and gives wonderful uplifting advice. Everything she has said has come true. She has given me positive messages and helped me focus on the good things and not to worry about small issues that I've been focusing on. 
--Danielle L.

Rev Joy picked up on the situation right away and gave very good advice and was so encouraging. The faith in God and Angels is what is needed and I agree. It was such a good experience talking to her. 
-- Kate M.

Reverend Joy picked up on many details very quickly even naming my grandmother specifically and some of the activities she did when she was alive. Rev Joy was very kind to speak with and offered clear insight into my questions with straightforward information. Thanks so much and I look forward to speaking with you again soon. 
--Chrissy P.

An amazing counselor and advisor. She named names of people within my life and on the periphery. She actually saw the enviornment I was in...she was seeing orange (I have mango walls and a red/orange couch, she saw a small animal (my dog was right beside me)...she saw my brother (who co-owns and lives in the townhouse with me). She was able to see the exact reason for his current depression. She saw so much more but I won't go into get the point. She is truly gifted. 
--Gillian F.


Rev Joy is an excellent counselor and advisor. I was amazed at her accuracy naming peoples names I know and where they fit into my life. She also told of many specific situations that were going to happen before they did. I am going to get another session from Joy in the future because my past session was well worth it! 
-- Jim M.

Rev Joy is outstanding... I did get a job (so excited) she knew I would, she knew when. But even more then that she has the ability to keep me calm and truly helped me through a scary time. I only wish I found her a year ago. She has truly made a difference in my life... Thank you.  
--Diane Z.



I'm really glad I have given you a call, all you said was precise and meaningful, let's not mention your voice has a natural calming effect on me.  I'm confident that the predictions will come true. I have seen aura/energy in front of me the time we spoken, I believe it was from you.  I look forward to turning a new page of my love life.  Let me keep you posted when these happens. --Arielle F.



Once again, Rev Joy has completely blown me away. She is amazing. I can see why she has so many testimonials. I like her approach, and very much appreciate how often she is available for counseling sessions. Some of the advisors are hard to catch, are only available on various times and days. She always seems to be available. She obviously works very hard and her heart is in her work. She is very comforting, and I think she must be a healer. She comes up with these references that leave no doubt that the message is being validated, and the references are so meaningful, but someone overhearing wouldn't understand why. It's like speaking in another language, a higher realm. I just love her.                     

--April N.   


Hi Reverend Joy, I just wanted to let you know how amazing your gift is. You mentioned that I was going to be dating a guy named Michael in a few months...and although its not the Michael I thought it was gonna be...I met another one who is absolutely amazing. You're so good! It blows my mind! 
--Helen J.



A couple of months ago, I was going through a rough time with a previous relationship. Joy gave me advice about another person that I would meet who would be better suited for me to have a relationship with, I have to say she was hands down correct! When it all happened, I was floored! I can't wait to see another prophecy unfold that was discussed about my career path. You are the best! 

--Hannah C.

Just wanted to say thank you for your insight and your sessions over the year.  
You've been so good :-) Thank you!
--Sasha L.

Hi Reverend Joy, I had a session from you a few weeks ago.  I really felt a connection with you, and believe that the time lines and outcomes that you provided will come true.  I had never explored a counseling session like this before, and when you said that you had connected with my dad who had the Initial R and passed away with Cancer, I became even more of a believer.  I have not connected with my dad since his passing almost 35 years ago.  My dad was my life at that time, and when he died I felt that apart of my soul left with him.  I have never been the same and miss him very much. Thanks for the session, I will let you know as things progress.  Blessings.
-- Barbie F.

Rev Joy is caring and accurate. So far she is right on. 
--Trishia R.

Rev Joy is to the point does not waste your time, does not fish, soft spoken, but sincerely direct. If you are seeking good accurate advice and counseling call this amazing adviser.    
--Florence L.

I love her! She is so caring and loving and professional. 
--Stacey C.

She gives great advice and is loving. 
--Crissy C.

Always consistent, and that's important to me. Realistic prophetic messages. I feel like I can trust her. Very sweet, nice and patient with. 
--Dara D.

Hi Rev Joy, I wanted to follow up with you and tell you that I had 2 dates with a new guy 
you told me I would meet...  back in December, you told me I'd meet someone and that person 
will be emotionally available.  The sign for that will be the name JACK/ 
JACKSON..... Well, we've been talking a bunch and as it turns out, he was 
telling me that his son has 3 best friends at preschool:  Jack, Jackson, & 
Jackson. You are good with the names, JOY!  Thanks so much and we'll be talking soon.
--Jane N.

Hi Rev Joy, you have done plenty of counseling on my relationship. You told me that he will mail me the money he said he would give me and you told me that this time would be different from ever before.  You said he would fight for me and give me DOUBLE if he sees that I don't pursue him.  TODAY in my mailbox, he hand delivered the money to me, DOUBLE the amount, JUST LIKE YOU SAID!   I love experiencing your prophecies today!  Very COOL!!!  Thank you so much, you have been such a lovely kind support.  I will let you know as your other prophetic messages unfold.  
In Gratitude,
--Charlotte M.

Dearest Reverend Joy, Thanks and thanks and thanks so much again for all your help this week!  I just returned from my mailbox where I received my wallet! You were right, the cash was gone but everything else was in there just like you said!  (License, credit cards, including my very expensive watch I had planned to fix at the jewelers after work that day.) YEA!!! You're the best!  You said I would have my wallet returned by someone I know.  My wallet was returned to my old address on my license and the postman I have known for many years knew how to find me here.  Thank you!
The best to you always Reverend Joy! 
--Fawn J.

OMG REVEREND JOY!  You are the greatest, thank you!  As soon as you told me what you saw, I knew exactly where to find my lost sunglasses!!! Thank you!  I found them!  You rock!
--Clarissa L.

Amazing Rev Joy, thank you for listening to me cry before I left for work today.  If you didn't calm me down, I don't know what I would've done.  I lost my keys on my walk this morning and you knew exactly where they fell.  I went back to get them and you were right about everything you said and saw.  Thanks for finding them for me.  May you be blessed with all you give to others.  Thank you again.
--Dahlia P.

I spoke with Rev Joy for the first time yesterday. She shared many details that I could not confirm in the moment. Of course I was curious about what she shared with me, and I did a little research. I was blown away when they all checked out. I was so "Wow"ed I had to call her back today.  
--Stan D.

Rev Joy is always professional, in tune with God and knowledgeable.  A people person.  A wealth of communication skills.  So full of love and compassion toward the callers.  Would highly recommend to anyone to call Rev Joy.
--Andrew C.

A very fast and clear positive counseling and advice session!  Thank you Reverend Joy.
--Felix W.

She is REALLY good.  I have spoken to her more than once and she REALLY knows.  She does not need any detail.  She naturally picks up on the situation.  I will be back, I highly recommend!
--Ann V.

I have to tell you that Rev Joy is one of the most consistent and reliable counselors out there. Actually made me gasp a few times during phone call as she got names and situations right on the mark.  
Blessings to you, 
- - A.P.

Very nice session, tells the truth and does not make you waste your time or money.  Thanks, 
--Ken B.

Very Helpful Advice!  Thank you Rev Joy!
--Yolanda R.

I have consulted Joy numerous times over the last 8 months. She is very correct in her observations as well as kind and caring. And she doesn't just tell you what you want to hear. She told me my last boyfriend wasn't ready and as much as it hurt her prophetic messages were right. I followed her advice and now I have an amazing man in my life. She has been a blessing to me.  
--Michelle B

Wonderful session, thank you for your accuracy as a counselor and your professionalism and gentle delivery of the information.
--Stevie O.

Fantastic; I highly recommend her....
--Lauren T.

Thank you. Your phone call was so calming and reassuring. You very accurately picked up on my situation and have helped me find more peace. Bless you :)
--Jill H.

Rev Joy picked up on several things that helped me. Very good session.
--Cynthia F.

She is a fabulous counselor and is always able to connect to someone I know on the other side. The connection is always validated by personal details that she could never have known. This session was particularly special because it provided me with messages for family members that have been having a very hard time and it is going to become much easier for them. That is a great Christmas present. 

--Paula F.

Rev Joy was very kind informative and really knew her stuff. thank you.
--Harley J.

Rev Joy is such a great counselor and advisor. The most warm and gentle, yet fun and uplifting person. I call her to pick up where we left off, where we get to peak into my energy field and bring me peace from the people who are here and gone that have profound messages. Always a pleasure, if I had a million dollars I would call her just to chit chat!
--Dani B.

This advisor is a joy to speak with. She is very clear and precise, and is very accurate with names and situations. She offers concrete, encouraging information and insight. I highly recommend her.
--Pam K.

I very much appreciated Joy' s patience with all my questions as well as her accuracy during the loss of my family's beloved pet. Rev Joy was able to see things from our pets point of view as well as her reasons for decided to let go and cross over and that definitely proved to be a comfort to us. Thank you Rev Joy.
--Sally V.

Reverend Joy is accurate, loving and very compassionate. I felt better after the call.
--Nina M.

Rev Joy helped me twice on two different calls that helped to ease my mind with some added bonuses from my family on the Other Side. Thank you Joy and I will definitely call again!!
--Rita S.


After going through a break up and being left wondering if there was any chance of us reconciling, I called numerous counselors looking for guidance. I received various responses and was left feeling more confused than before I had called. Then, I found Rev Joy. Although I didn't speak to her for very long I felt an overwhelming sense of calmness after getting off the phone. One thing that made me feel she was genuine is that she was the only person to NOT give me a timeline even after I had asked. She explained why she couldn't and it made me trust that she was being honest and not just telling me something to make me feel like her session was valid. She is patient and kind which is comforting when going through a difficult time. She was able to call out the main issue of my relationship, but didn't provide any fluff or try to drag out the call. Overall it was a wonderful experience. I will be sticking with her for any future counseling and advising. Wish I had found her sooner!!

--Kelly K.

Once you speak with Reverend Joy you will reassured that your Higher Self is right on track!!!
--Carla Y.

I have talked to other counselors and I feel Reverend Joy was right on about a lot of things that I didn't even mention..I will be calling her back for more advice.
--Kim J.

Rev Joy is an incredible advisor, she is wise and refreshing and knowledgable. She is able to shine a light uniquely. She also can raise your vibration in 3 minutes flat, and leave you with new eyes to see with. Very helpful!
--Pilar H.

Rev Joy is growing more talented. She is very accurate and talented, positive and easy to speak with. Thank you!
--Wanda L.

What a lovely and gifted person!
--Tammy R.

Hi Reverend Joy, Thank you for your generous advice from a worldly perspective that always includes something very positive.
--Larry H.

You will be happy you called. This advisor is positive and supportive, tunes in quickly and is right on the mark.
--Hilary D.

Reverend Joy is growing really talented all the time. She has a nice voice and good, positive insites. Thank you for being available at an odd hour and thanks for the ideas.
--Olga G.

Amazing counselor. Tunes in fast. She is kind and compassionate, straightforward with a soft touch.
--Franny C.

Rev Joy, your calm voice and positive spin on events brings peace and harmony. I believe your guidance is inspired by a higher wisdom and I respect you, appreciate you very much. Many thanks!
--Kelly B.

Thank you Rev Joy!!! I feel much more at peace now. Have a great evening.
--Liza N.

Rev Joy is quick, accurate and to the point. She calls the situation as it is. She is always extremely helpful.
--Caren T.

Rev Joy is a pleasure to speak with. She is very positive and quickly picked up on my question.
--Rhonda R. 

I have great admiration and respect for Rev Joy; she has an amazing gift, which she shares lovingly. Her guidance and advice is "right on". I have learned to be open and trusting of her advice, because she has proven to be accurate each and every time. As an advisor, Rev Joy ranks at the top amongst the best of the best!!!
--Gillie N.

Rev Joy is very gifted. Joy tuned into my situation very quickly. She has given me messages including names from a deceased relative that have left me a tender feeling. Rev Joy is very understanding, loving and after talking to her, I was left with a sense that everything is alright as it is right now.
--Reesa D.

Wow! Very gifted counselor, who sees and says things with accuracy you don't mention. She is able to offer insight and info about what she sees and your questions with integrity, accuracy and great healing insight. A true talent.
--Carolyn F.

She was so great and understanding and very precise in her advice. Thank you! Rev Joy's name is so perfect for her she is an absolute joy to work with!
--Doris Y.

Rev Joy, Thank you for reasuring me that me and M will rekindle what we started. she has such a soothing voice that says eveything will be alright, and I believe that it will...Call her shes Good!!! Will call you real soon!
--Nora K.

Thank you soo much!! Rev Joy is an absolute must call. Tunes in quickly! dead on accurate...Blessings to you!
--Sarah J.

Sweet, and cut to chase. I felt like she connected and was empathetic. I hope she is right!
--Francesca T.

What I like about her is that she doesn't steer from past sessions. And also she can look at things from a few angles. Like "These two things will happen, which one do you want to look at closer"? I have been using her since the summer....
--Kari F.

Reverend Joy has always been so on point it blows my mind. I don't even have to say anything and she starts describing exactly what happened.  
--Selene I.

I have been calling Joy for couple of times now and speaking to her always gave me tremendous peace. Rev Joy is definitely a great counselor and the person you'd go to when you need advice. She is very kind and easy to talk to, her words are very certain, precise and positive. You'd always get the helpful answers to your questions.
--Lannie R

I am eager to talk with her again.
--Jenny D.

Very clear, and in touch with exact picture of my life, I will call her again
--Jody L.

Rev Joy is really great!  She named all my ex boyfriends!  Then, she told me why each one did not serve the purpose on my path right now.
--Jonah M.

Hi Reverend Joy, I can not believe your gift!  I called you when my Mother lost her blue velvet bag with her diamonds in it and other precious stones.  You told me it is still in our possession.  It is attached to something and we will find it.  Well, today, we did find it attached to something it fell behind in the bathroom.  You are the best Reverend Joy.  Thank you!  I will be calling again.
--Nate C.

Hi Reverend Joy, Your sessions are just great! And brought me much comfort, thank you! Thank you very much for all your marvelous help and assistance.
Best wishes,
--Marlene B.

Several weeks ago I called Joy with a very sad heart,  I was filled with a lot of confusion and I was more scared then I have ever been in my life.  Something was going wrong in my marriage and it caught me completely by surprise. I could lose my happily family!  I have spoken to several psychics in my life, but I have never encountered anyone quite like Rev Joy.  She tapped into my situation almost immediately and was able to give me valuable insights that I wouldn't have known about if she weren't available to me.  She helped me be positive, she gave me clues and insights that kept me moving forward and to continue to be hopeful!  I could have easily reacted to my wife's confusing actions in a negative way and all could have been lost as a result. Rev Joy helped me to see and understand the cause of my wife's actions and it helped keep me to keep calm, put one foot in front of the other until the light at the end of the tunnel to began to surface.  My wife and I have much work to do, but the seeds of a better time are underway just as Rev Joy said they would be!  Patience is still something I have to offer my marriage, but Rev Joy has given me confidence, hope, guidance and courage not to give up. Rev  Joy has amazing compassions and gifts beyond belief.  I am so thankful I found Rev Joy when I did.  I can't fathom this tough time in my life without her!  Thank you Rev Joy!



Reverend Joy Joy Joy! You were correct once again! You are without question the most accurate advisor ever! I soooo appreciate you always being there for me and blessing my life! 
--Neil C.

Rev Joy is absolutely amazing. She is very sweet and kind and is always available to take your call. I called Rev Joy and asked her about my brother she told me about the brother I was thinking of.  She knew the first letter of his name, the cause of his death and what exactly happened, including the friends that were around him. It's unbelievable you do not have to give her any information. I was in tears. Every time I call Rev Joy is consistent. She told me this person I really wanted to call me  would contact me and for me to remember the number three. This person called me at 8:33. Another time she told me things were over with my ex fighting with me. As a skeptic I was thinking how could that be, but a couple of days later he called and wanted to stop the fighting which was very unlike him. If you ever need help I would definitely recommend Rev Joy. She is by far the best!!! Her gift is very real. I could go on and on about her accuracy. Thanks Rev Joy!!! Xo
--S. F.

Hurray!!! All as advised!!! You're amazing. Thank you for all of your support thru this process.
--J. L.

Dear Reverend Joy, You have become my shelter and voice of reason when I'm feeling like everything around me is so uncertain.....I just wanted to say thank you.....  I ask GOD every day to help increase my Faith; to show me that I'm on the right path.....You've helped me believe in myself and have helped me see that I am on the right path and that one day I'll be happy again.You are a blessing. Thank you for listening to me, but most importantly, for using my Angels to guide me....
--Kimberly C.

Dear Reverend Joy, I just want to tell you, you were right on about a job that had told me that I 
didn't get the job would call me back and offer it to me. They called me back. You've always been right on about everything I've consulted with you but this one I had my doubts and so did my mom. My mom said if Joy's right about this one I will become a believer in Reverend Joy. You should have seen her and my reaction when 
they called, we were speechless and utterly in shock. I will never doubt you again. Hopefully this message brightens up your night! Thanks again for sharing your wonderful gift with me.
--Sandy C.

Dear Reverend Joy, Thank you. You have given me several very GREAT and helpful advice starting back on May 16, 2014 I believe.  Then I had a reading in June, another one in July and now yesterday, October 21, 2014.  I just had another emotional, honest, and insightful reading with you.  I continue to come back to you for readings because I believe you have the true gifts of receiving messages and insight to help guide me on this journey.  I keep notes of each session that I have had with you and I re-read them every few days, or when I start to feel overwhelmed or discouraged.  In your insight, even though I feel pain at knowing the truth, I do see there is "light" coming, and that I can take steps to help myself start to feel better.  I need to keep believing.  Thank you for being a very nice, spiritual and kind person and, most of all for telling/speaking the truth of what you see/sense/feel. 
--Harla B.



Dear Reverend Joy, Thank you for the Wonderfully uplifting session!​ I wanted to thank you for the two sessions I received from you recently. I truly hope they will come true and believe they probably will. I do feel he is trying to show me how much he cares and wants to get to know me more. Hopefully we are soulmates.. I feel we could well be. Our connection has been strong even if I couldn't put my finger on it at first. Thank you for being so honest and approachable and for giving me the encouragement I need. I feel positive and reassured that all can turn out alright. What you mentioned about positive energy and the children picking up on it got me thinking too. You're a star! Thanks.

--Tracy C.


After going through a break up and being left wondering if there was any chance of us reconciling, I called numerous psychics looking for guidance. I received various responses and was left feeling more confused than before I had called. Then, I found Reverend Joy. Although I didn't speak to her for very long I felt an overwhelming sense of calmness after getting off the phone. One thing that made me feel she was genuine is that she was the only person to NOT give me a timeline even after I had asked. She explained why she couldn't and it made me trust that she was being honest and not just telling me something to make me feel like her advice was valid. She is patient and kind which is comforting when going through a difficult time. She was able to call out the main issue of my relationship, but didn't provide any fluff or try to drag out the call. Overall it was a wonderful experience. I will be sticking with her for any future sessions. Wish I had found her sooner!!

--Kelly K.

My session with Rev Joy was incredible! I called to ask about a critical family situation, and she immediately put my mind at ease about probable outcomes. Her messages from spirit are delivered very quickly and with great accuracy, as I have found over time. I really enjoy her calm, supportive yet direct manner and always find it a please to speak with her. I am extremely grateful for all of her invaluable information, caring and support! Joy, thank you once again!!!

--Lesley F.

Love talking to Joy! Explained POI thoughts and feelings and how to proceed with the situation. Doesn't leave you feeling confused or lost. I feel a million times better and more at ease. I cant thank you enough for your clarity and intuition. 

--Bina R.

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