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Ave Maria Records™ Unites Jews And Christians This Holiday Season

Nov 16, 2021

Ave Maria Records™ Unites Jews And Christians This Holiday Season

Ave Maria Records™ presents Prayers of the Testaments®, God’s Words. Volume one of four holiday series of prayers have now been released and much much more! This special prayer project is the reason for Ave Maria Records to come to life.

In celebration of Hanukkah, “Miracles” album is in all stores now by Cantor Rev Misha Joy. Enjoy traditional fun holiday favorites and blessings for the whole family. In addition, a special Christmas album, “Miracles of the Gregorian Chant Rosary,” sharing the story of this most beloved cherished day. Listen to all here

Thanksgiving brings the release of Recording Artist and Songwriter, Margo Joy’s inspirational heartfelt single, “Give While You Live.” As well as her classical favorite, “Ave Maria,” by Franz Schubert for Christmas is now in all stores, and can also be found on her “Believe in Me” album . Listen Here

Cantor Rev Misha Joy has recorded and produced a series of Hebrew and English prayer albums with original melodies to unite Christians and Jews, all of God’s children as One. Bringing Christians back to their Jewish roots, learning the prayers that Jesus prayed.

Cantor Rev Misha Joy has been chanting prayers her entire life. God’s words are the source of our creation. Her mission is to share God’s words with those who do not know them, to heal those who are in need, to spread God’s love and unite God’s children as one. Cantor Rev Misha Joy has her own ministry where she counsels full time, as well as officiating and leading worship services as a cantor and reverend for her synagogue. “The chants and prayers resonate within my soul. My heart desires to share them profoundly with the world and share God’s love for his children. May we join together with love and devotion and create a pathway of purity for our Messiah to come now.”

Her mission, World United in Prayer™ will be taking 1/3 of the profits from Ave Maria Records™ and using them to develop Ave Maria Homes for God’s Children.

“Uniting God’s children through God’s words.” ~ Cantor Rev Misha Joy

“Christians and Jews throughout the world as one.” ~ Cantor Rev Misha Joy

“When we pray as one, we will achieve unity across all humanity, and we will see God.” ~ Cantor Rev Misha Joy

“The light of God will cover the darkness of the world when we are one.” - Cantor Rev Misha Joy

Founded by Margo Joy in 2020, as a tribute to Immaculate Mother Mary, “our Holy Mother of Prayer,” shares Margo Joy, Ave Maria Records is known for its niche markets. Ave Maria Records™ is home to Lucky Ladybug’s printed books (in all stores now,) music albums & YouTube’s popular Kids channel. “Be A Better You” from the series, Lessons from the Heart teaches children ages 0-6 sharing, caring, love, respect, acceptance, forgiveness, honesty, beauty from within, confidence, giving, helping others, following your dreams. Purchase here Peaceful Sleep Journeys™ by Margo Joy brings you calming ASMR meditations, lullabies, sounds and music. Drift deeply into a place of peaceful sleep with an iOS here & Google Play here App. Sleep Well™ tonight.

Stay tuned for much more from Ave Maria Records™, as this unique and heart warming series of Prayers of the Testaments® God’s Words has only just begun. Prayers of the Testaments® album series can be purchased for download on Ave Maria Records™ or from all online stores, including iTunes, Amazon, Spotify and more.

Ave Maria Records™
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