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Jun 20, 2022

Margo Joy's new single "Praying For You" Dedicated to Travis
"Praying For You" by Margo Joy, Dedicated To Travis

“Praying For You” was just released by Margo Joy, dedicated to her dear friend Travis, to raise funds to aid in his recovery, following a tragic hate crime.

Wherever he goes, he shines a ray of love and sunshine through his joyous, sweet and uplifting energy. Now it’s our turn, to be there for him.”— Margo Joy

NEW ORLEANS, LOUISIANA, UNITED STATES, June 20, 2022 / -- On June 12, 2022 around 3 AM, Margo's dear friend, Travis, was hit by a hit-and-run driver. The witness, his boyfriend Ben said, “It seemed as if the car revved their engine and sped up.” He was almost hit as well, but was able to get out of the way. However, Travis was not able to get away from this car, that was more like a lightening bolt on a mission. Travis went flying through the air upon impact, leaving him in critical condition. The accident took place in New Orleans, LA surrounding events for pride month. Travis has a long road of recovery ahead. Margo’s hope is the newly released single “Praying For You,” and the GoFundMe donation page will help Travis tremendously while he heals from this horrific hate crime.

Margo shares that Travis is one of those people some would call an Earth Angel. A highly intelligent and gifted healer whose job has always been to bring healing and comfort to others through his many gifts. “Wherever he goes, he shines a ray of love and sunshine through his joyous, sweet and uplifting energy. Now it’s our turn, to be there for him.”

“I didn’t know how to stop my tears from flowing, feeling helpless, wishing to heal my friends pain. After a few days of debilitating sadness, I felt the sound of music inside me return with memories of the energy of Travis’s love and kindness. Music is our language of healing and comfort. The language of our heart. I want Travis to know how we are all truly praying for his recovery and how much we love him through this song, his song.”

"Praying For You" describes Travis’s heart, where he was in his life before this moment, and how no matter how confusing and heart breaking this tragic crime is, somehow we must believe in our God and know there’s a reason for it all, only God knows. This song shares how much Travis is loved by all who know him. It is a song for all who need prayer and are profoundly going through a challenging life circumstance. We must keep our faith, even when nothing seems to make any sense.

Travis’s longtime friend, Lori Ford, created the GoFundMe. “Travis is an entrepreneur and while he is down and out he will not be able to make an income for himself. I created this to help him out so that he can continue to pay his bills while recovering. If you can find it in your heart to give whatever you can, it will help,” shares Lori.

WDSU reports that the search continues for the car all are anxiously hoping to find; a low riding black car with tinted windows that sped away from the scene. In one split second, a car out of nowhere appeared that changed lives forever. We must stop these horrific and painful hate crimes. Someway, somehow, they must stop. In a world full of so much darkness, God’s light will shine bright through his children. Margo believes that the kind soul that finds this car and its owner will be blessed in a tremendous way for helping Travis and protecting those in this community.

“Praying For You” is available on all music platforms. You can find the store links and song preview here.

Please Pray with me and visit the GOFUNDME PAGE FOR TRAVIS:


Margo Joy is a cantor and a reverend with her own ministry. Among her many albums, Margo Joy has released a series called Prayers of the Testaments, God’s Words; to unite Christians and Jews, God’s children, through her mission called World United in Prayer™ . She is also the creator of Lucky Ladybug, a children’s book, video and music series for toddlers and preschoolers. In addition, her ASMR sleep meditation lullaby application called Peaceful Sleep Journeys™ can be found on iOS and android. Learn more through her record label, Ave Maria Records™ . Get to know Margo Joy through her music, words, books and messages.

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