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Aug 26, 2022


Praise and Worship God with healing meditative and uplifting prayers for Shabbat, includes original melodies by Cantor Margo Joy

LOS ANGELES, CA, UNITED STATES, August 26, 2022 / -- After Margo Joy’s recent release of the 1960's beloved classic, “The Exodus Song, This Land Is Mine” with legendary singer/songwriter Pat Boone, uniting Christianity and Judaism to honor God’s beloved nation of Israel, followed by her album, “Glorify,” sharing with listeners the experience of God’s unconditional love, through original deeply emotional lyrics and melodies; Margo Joy has just announced her next release, “Abundant Peace” from her Prayers of the Testaments® God’s Words Shabbat Series, Volume 2. This heartwarming and uplifting album in Hebrew and English will leave you feeling peaceful, joyous and inspired with the love, faith and trust that comes from praying, praising and thanking our God.

Sample “Abundant Peace” Click --->HERE

Track 1: “Shalom Rav | Abundant Peace” : a prayer for peace for afternoon and evening in an uplifting inspiring arrangement

Track 2: “Hine Ma Tov | How Good” : a catchy melody, and previously released single from this album, for all of God’s children to feel unity in our family, Jews and Christian’s, praising our God together as one, brothers and sisters

Track 3: “Hashkiveinu | Sleep Peacefully” : God’s comfort and protection for your sleep in a soothing soulful rendition, a lullaby of God’s love

Track 4: “Poteach Et Yadecha | Open Your Hand” : an inspirational prayer affirming faith in God
Prayers of the Testaments God's Words, Shabbat Series Volume 2, Abundant Peace, Margo Joy
will bring abundant blessings into your life

Track 5: “Mi Chamocha | Who Is Like You” : attributed to Moses in Exodus, as the Israelites crossed the Red Sea to safety, redeeming from slavery; a beautiful melodic rendition of praise

Track 6: “Hatzi Kaddish | His Great Name” : a daily prayer praising God’s great name, may He be blessed forever and through all eternity

Track 7: “Nekadesh | Sanctify” : we sanctify God’s name in the world, as they sanctify Him in the Heavens above, an uplifting arrangement for heartwarming praise and gratitude for our one and only God

Track 8: “Mimkomcha Malkeynu | From Your Command” : an emotional release of an ancient prayer, from your place our King, may you appear

Track 9: “V’al Kulam | For All You Do” : prayer of gratitude for God and all he does for us in a melody of soulful warmth, feeling our love for our creator

Margo Joy is a cantor for a synagogue and a reverend with her own ministry, where she counsels full time. Among her many albums, which includes her new release, “Abundant Peace,” Cantor Margo Joy has released an ongoing series called Prayers of the Testaments® God’s Words, which Pat Boone calls, “a divine message from God.” Her prayer series includes Shabbat, High Holy Days, Hanukkah, Passover, cantorial chants and Gregorian chants, which originated in the 9th and 10th centuries from ancient Jewish worship.

Cantor Joy shares, “My desire is to pass on to future generations that we are all God’s children by teaching Jews and Christians the Prayers of the Testaments®. I want to share with Christians their Jewish roots by giving them the prayers that Jesus prayed throughout his lifetime.” This healing prayer series of God’s words was recorded in Hebrew and English. Volume One can be found on all music platforms under her artist names Margo Joy or Cantor Rev Misha Joy, (Misha is Margo's Hebrew name given to her at birth, meaning who is like God,) and includes, Shabbat album “Seventh Day,” High Holiday album “The Great Shofar is Sounded,” Passover album “Freedom,” and Hanukkah album “Miracles.” Visit "Prayers of the Testaments, God's Words" Click --->HERE

For children ages 0-6, Margo Joy has written a series of books, activities, music albums and videos for her character, Lucky Ladybug®. This series, Lessons From The Heart, is designed for children to learn moral values and lessons during their toddler and preschool years. Her books, “Be A Better You” and “Learn With Us! Lucky Ladybug And Friends!” is available in all stores, and her third book of the series will be released in 2023.

Margo developed Peaceful Sleep Journeys™ app with over a hundred ASMR meditations and lullabies to help people calm their thoughts and relieve stress, anxiety and insomnia so they can drift into a deep relaxing sleep. Peaceful Sleep Journeys™ is available on iOS in the Apple store and on Android in the google play store.

Get to know Margo Joy through her music, words, books and messages. “Abundant Peace” will leave your heart radiating with love and your soul uplifted with faith, healing and prayer. Learn more through her record label, Ave Maria Records™.

“Abundant Peace” is available in all music stores: Amazon, Anghami, Apple Music, MediaNet, Boomplay, Deezer, Instagram/Facebook, YouTube Music, iHeartRadio, ClaroMusica, iTunes, KKBox, NetEase, Qobuz, Pandora, Saavn, Shazam, Spotify, Tencent, Tidal, TikTok/Resso, TouchTunes (beta), Triller (beta), Soundtrack by Twitch, and Yandex Music (beta)

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