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Peaceful Sleep Journeys™
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Peaceful Sleep Journeys™ offer ASMR Meditations, Lullabies, Music and Sounds to help you drift into a deep and peaceful sleep. Calming, healing and relaxing video meditations and music will guide you to your place of peace.
Peaceful Sleep Journeys


Peaceful Sleep Journeys


Who We Are

Peaceful Sleep Journeys™ offer ASMR Meditations and original lullabies to help you drift into a deep and peaceful sleep.  Calming, healing and relaxing video meditations and music will guide you to your place of peace.  These ASMR Meditations are designed to assist you in overcoming fears, phobias, anxieties, stress, insomnia, depression, sadness and more.  Peaceful Sleep Journeys™ brings you positive motivating direction in your thought process and perceptions on your life. 


Peaceful Sleep Journeys™ has been found to transition adults, children and babies into a calming deep sleep, and gives a calming affect to pets as well.

Meditations and lullabies are written, recorded and produced by Joy, creator of Peaceful Sleep Journeys™.  Divine Guidance from Beyond in your Peaceful Sleep Journeys™ await you. 

Sleep Well,

Margo Joy

Founder, Creator, Writer and Voice of

Peaceful Sleep Journeys™

Video Production by Margo Joy
Margo Joy _ Dream With Me _ Sleep Lullabies ASMR Whitenoise
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What is ASMR


Sleep Well™

Autonomous sensory meridian response, or ASMR, causes a tingling sensation in your head and neck after triggers like repetitive movements, sounds or whispering.  ASMR meditation relieves sadness and depression, stress, helps you to relax, fall asleep easily and assists in calming anxiety.  It is used to improve general wellness; such as heart disease, and other serious medical conditions, this also includes boosting energy levels and improving memory and focus.

Stress is very challenging to deal with, with meditation as a relaxing technique, you will find that daily and life situations are easier to handle, with a clearer mind and calmer energy.


Meditation is known to relieve and reduce insomnia and its symptoms.  The majority of people with insomnia who meditated on a daily basis were able to fall asleep more quickly.  In fact, most of them needed only up to 20 minutes to drift into sleep.  Additionally, insomniacs reduced or completely eliminated their use of sleeping medication. 

Meditation can reduce PMS symptoms. Studies show that women practicing meditation noticed a reduction in both the physical and psychological PMS symptoms.

ASMR Meditations and Lullabies Audio
Peaceful Sleep Journeys

Sleep like a baby tonight...


Sleep Date
Peaceful Sleep Journeys Sleep Date

We have a brand new concept for connecting! 


Sleep Date™, a dating app for those who are feeling anxious and are having trouble falling asleep. 


Enjoy a “Sleep Date™” 


Forget your stress, relax and fall asleep as you make like minded new friends from all over the world. 


Listen to your favorite ASMR sleep meditations and lullabies on the app together and connect your spirits with Peaceful Sleep Journeys™.